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About us

Legion Health is a new type of staffing company that increases access to mental health services and treats clinicians the way they deserve to be treated. We match clinicians with (multiple) high-paying, part-time, flexible, fully-remote telehealth positions.

Many clinicians are frustrated with their experience with telehealth companies because their time is not respected. They are either not paid what they deserve or, worse, companies don't provide them enough patients to see.

At Legion Health, you provide us the times that you want to see more patients, and we share your availability with other companies, manage your schedule, negotiate on your behalf, and pay you well. It's as simple as that.


Must be...
  • Licensed as a nurse practitioner with expertise and experience in mental health.
  • Responsive over email or phone, punctual, and professional.
  • Willing to work at least 10 hours per week (but your choice when!).
  • Proficient with a computer and willing to provide care via telehealth.
  • Passionate about our mission of improving access to high-quality mental health services


Flexibility and pay

Gain flexibility while maintaining competitive compensation rates.

Quick payouts

Get paid every two weeks—if not even sooner.


Tons of other perks and advantages for Legion clinicians.

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